Blood Type A: Food, Beverage and Supplement Lists from Eat Right for Your Type

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Different blood types mean different body chemistry. Carry this guide with you to the grocery store, restaurants, even on vacation to avoid putting on those extra pounds, or getting sick from eating the wrong thing. You'll never have to be without Dr. D'Adamo's reassuring guidance again. Inside you will find complete listings of what's right for Type A in the following categories:

* meats, poultry, and seafood * oils and fats * dairy and eggs * nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes * breads, grains, and pastas * fruits, vegetables, and juices * spices and condiments * herbal teas and other beverages * special supplements * drug interactions * resources and support

Refer to this book while shopping, dining, or cooking-and soon, you will be on your way to developing a prescription plan that's right for your type.

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Customer Buzz
 "Great Quick Guide" 2009-12-22
By Jacqueline Marshall (South Carolina)

This little book is a great quick guide with all the basics for eating the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones) for your specific blood type. All of the most important info from the "Eat Right For Your Type" full book are condensed in this little book. Great for meal planning and grocery shopping. It fits in the side of my purse so I always have it to reference.

Customer Buzz
 "This book has began to change my life." 2009-12-13
By Vickie L. Williams (USA)
I just got this book and its totally amazing. What a neat way to eat. Since I have started eating this way I am feeling so much better.

Seller was super to work with. Prompt. Book in super shape. Shipping fast and friendly.

Thanks Vickie

Customer Buzz
 "Nice synopsis and convienent supplement" 2009-10-27
By C. Appleby
This book acts as a good introduction and overview to the Blood type diets and it serves as as a convenient "carry with you" copy of the blood type diet which allows easy reference to food and supplement choices. It is easy to go through this book and then move on to the full version or it can act be a good backup for the full version if you read that first. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in dieting based on blood type.

Customer Buzz
 "Same content as covered in the book" 2009-10-27
By Stephanie Manley (Houston, TX)
If you have the book Eat Right for Your Blood Type you have the same content that is in this book. This book features the Type A lists. Little additional information is given regarding the diet in general. Since I had already purchased the book, I was hoping for either more information, or an enhancement of the chapters I had already read in the book. For me, this wasn't what I had hoped for. If you are wondering about this book I would simply buy an inexpensive used book instead of this particular kindle format. I felt extremely disappointed in this repackaging of previously published material.

Customer Buzz
 "Disappointed" 2009-09-06
By Gemma Nicole (USA)
This book has almost no information at all. Yes, it tells you what is good for each type but it's not like you are going to create a diet based on it. I didn't like it at all. I'm not even sure it would make you healthy anyway, if you were to follow it. Instead, I would recommend The China Study. Now that's a book that is interesting, fun to read, and with lots of good advice. Forget this and get 'The China Study'

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